Solid Perfume Is Back With A Bang – 4 Picks To Try

Solid Perfume Is Back With A Bang - 4 Picks To Try

After this year’s launch of Glossier’s very first frangrance called ‘You’, in solid form no less, it suddenly felt like a novel invention. Truth it, solid perfume was how fragrance first originated in ancient Egypt. Even though it hasn’t been present as much as its spritzing counterparts, it really isn’t going anywhere.

If you need more convincing that solid perfume actually makes quite the addition to a dresser, read on. Thanks to its wax and oil content, it is dense and smidgen of it needs to be rubbed into the skin with the fingers. The heat of the body mixes with it to create a truly unique scent which tends to last longer. Solid perfumes are also ideal for traveling as they won’t leave you worried if they will shatter or spill. To get on board this smart and sweet-smelling trend that’s been around since the beginning of time really, give these four solid perfumes a try.

1. Glossier You

Of course, there’s the solid perfume that restarted it all. It comes in the brand’s trademark millennial pink packaging in a flat case. The notes are woody, warm and spicy but they make sure to mention that the main one is you, as the scent differs from body to body.

Glossier You is available at Glossier for approximately INR 1500 for 4 grams

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2. Da Yogis Zesty Mogra

For a smell that’s truly Indian, Zesty Mogra will do the trick. It is made from the essence of real jasmine flowers with specialty oils and beeswax – that’s all. Best part is, it is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free.

Da Yogis Zesty Mogra is available at Nykaa for INR 450 for 8 grams

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3. Zoella Blissful Mistful

From popular vlogger Zoe Sugg comes this solid perfume with the crowd favourite floral notes. Dab, rub and smell fresh and cheery – you can’t really go wrong with a frangrance like this.

Zoella Blissful Mistful is available at Amazon for approximately INR 1000 for 25 grams

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4. Song Of India Patchouli

Turn solid perfume into a well thought out gift with this pick. With the intense smell of patchouli, it comes packaged in a hard-carved rosewood jar which would make a great addition to any handbag.

Song Of India Patchouli is available at Amazon for approximately INR 2400 for 4 grams

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Finally, it’s time to make your perfume do the work for you.