Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Are FINALLY Releasing The Perfume They Promised Us—Phew

Kylie Jenner Kim Kardashian

The day is coming—mark those calendars. KKW Beauty and Kylie Jenner’s perfume collaboration is finally going to be available for purchase. Kylie and her big sis, Kim Kardashian have been teasing the release of their collaboration basically since they first announced it back in the summer of ’18. The line was originally supposed to drop in April of 2019 (AKA about 4 months ago) but the release was postponed due to some quality control issues. According to Kardashian, the lip-shaped bottles weren’t regulation and did not end up meeting durability standards. So the whole process was put on pause. Kardashian shared the news with her fans on Twitter and Instagram.

“Sadly, we found out today from the manufacturer that a few of our bottles did not pass durability testswhile on the assembly line and we have paused production while the team explores the issue further,” Kardashian shared on KKW Beauty’s Instagram Stories. “Together, we have made the difficult decision to delay the launch as we would never release a product that did not meet the strictest of quality guidelines.”

Fortunately, the sisters took the appropriate steps, in a reasonable amount of time, to correct the issue. So never fear—the perfume is almost here! KWW x KYLIE perform will hit stores on August 23. Though the two sisters have teamed up for multiple liquid lipstick collections, this will be the first collaboration they’ve done with scent. On August 2, Kardashian took to social media once again to announce the exciting news.

“You thought we forgot about you???” she wrote on Instagram. “KKW X KYLIE perfume coming August 23rd!!!! Check the @kkwfragrance page for more details 💋💋💋.” The photo features Kardashian puckering just like the bottle and Jenner rocking a, uh, more abrasive look for the celebratory post. She raised that perfectly manicured middle finger loud and proud!

There are three different scents in the sisters’ collab—you can purchase a nude, pink or red bottle for $40. (They’re also sold as a set—all three for $120).

Now—something else we need to address—the release date. The drama is real, guys! If August 23 sounded familiar to you, it’s because that’s also the day Taylor Swift is planning to drop her new album, Lover. Uhh super awkward! Fans are convinced that Jenner and Kardashian have attempted to upstage the songstress with their perfume line. The sisters’ original release date also coincided with Swift’s alleged schedule. Swift had posted multiple photos on Instagram (in theme with her colorful rainbow, butterfly Lover look) with the caption “4.26.” Two days after, Kardashian and Jenner announced that their new collab would come out on—you guessed it—4.26. Awkward! Well, TBH, we think Swifties might be a bit dramatic. The KarJenner/Swift feud is such old news and beauty x music certainly aren’t mutually exclusive.