How to Win Rummy Even if you don’t get a Joker Card?

Do you play an online rummy game, but lose all hope of winning when you do not get a joker your hand? Most rummy players tend to get frustrated if they do not receive a joker card. Joker cards make it easier for you to meld cards. The function of this card is to replace a missing card you need to form a set or a sequence.

For instance, you have 5 and 6 of Club, and require 4 or 7 of Club, but you do not have any of this card. In this case, a joker card can then replace any of these missing cards to form a valid sequence. Similarly, in a rummy game, a joker can substitute a missing card to complete a set. For instance, you have two 5s then you can use the joker to substitute for the missing 5.

Types of Joker Cards in Rummy

After distribution of rummy cards among players, a randomly picked card from the closed deck becomes a wildcard joker. All cards of this face value/number can be used as jokers. Also, every deck of card contains a printed joker. This card can function like the wild joker card. In case the open joker is a printed joker, then all Ace cards are assumed as wildcard jokers.

Now that you understand the importance of printed and wildcard jokers, it is quite obvious why players may get nervous if they do not receive any of these. But fret now, it is possible to win online rummy, even if your hand lacks joker cards. Follow the below-mentioned tips to wrap up the game in your favour.

  1. Carefully Analyze Your Hand

It is always wise to play practice games to improve rummy skills and learn how to tackle tough situations, like the one where you do not receive any jokers, and then try out cash games. Take a close look at the cards in hand and try to understand how difficult or easy it will be to meld these into valid sets and sequences. Though you do not have a Joker, your hand could be a good one, and provide you several opportunities to meld within a few moves.

  1. Arrange the Cards

Quickly arrange the cards in a way that all related cards are grouped together. If you spot unrelated cards, you can put them aside so that there is no room for confusion. You can always drop these cards when you draw and retain any card from closed or open deck. Do remember that as per rummy rules, you cannot pick a disposed Joker, but no worries; you can play wisely and trick your opponent into giving you a card you need.

  1. Observe and React

To stay on top of Indian rummy, you need strong analytical and observation skills than getting joker cards. Watch every move of the opponents and keep in mind the cards they discard or pick from the pile. Try to figure out, which rival is nearing completion, and may declare soon. If you think your immediate opponent needs a card that you have, hold on, and do not give away this card promptly.

  1. Maintain Poise

The crux of the matter is to take a 13 card rummy game like one and never give up. Even though the situation is daunting, you should maintain poise and remain calm and pay more attention to applying mathematical permutations and combinations and other skills to get closer to a win.

Especially when you play rummy online, you must not play a turn in haste and disrupt the game just because you do not have joker cards. Take it easy and play with confidence, because that can intimidate the opponents.

  1. Declare the Game

To wrap up playing cards game, you need to make a valid declare. By a valid declare, we mean to say that your hand must have zero points before you can declare. To do this, you must have required number of pure sequences/sets/sequences. A pure sequence is mandatory to declare the game. An impure sequence is formed with a joker card. In case you do not have a joker, all your sequences need to be pure.

Thus, rummy is not about how many joker cards you have. It is about how you think out the card moves and apply gaming skills to give a tough competition to opponents. So, you can download rummy app and enjoy a competitive card game.