Beauty blenders: Time to do away with your makeup brushes

Never again will you miss a spot or have an uneven facial structure (ungainly!) if you add the beauty blender in your kitty. And start using it whenever you apply a layer of foundation on your face. These cosmetics wipes provide you an even overall spotless coverage, resulting in a flawless-looking face. Though they look small and tiny, a beauty blender makes a lot of difference in your overall makeup technique.

Here are our few picks:

The Original Beauty Blender

This egg-formed beauty blender is the main magnificence blender that raged the market with its mixing viability. It makes the most irritating parts of applying cosmetics extremely fun. It works superbly of mixing your foundation with your skin, giving you a consistent, non-cakey look. You have to wet it with water until the point that it doubles up in size and afterward run-in with your makeup product. Along these lines, your item diffuses all over and sets better. The blender is sans latex, non-allergenic, and smell-free.

PAC Beauty Blender

PAC Beauty Blenders are very new in the market when contrasted with different brands however this one takes the necessary steps incredibly well. It doesn’t ingest a colossal measure of the item and gives the ideal inclusion on the face. Accessible in various shapes/sizes, this is a standout among the most moderate magnificence blenders accessible in India.

Real Technique Miracle Complexion Beauty Blender

For every one of you on a financial plan, this blender by Real Techniques is positively a quality decision. The structure of the wipe gives you a 3-in-1 advantage – with fundamental application, molding, and mixing. Its shape enables you to achieve troublesome spots, for example, the sides of your nose and the under-eye region. This one at present is one of a financially savvy decision when contrasted with other costly implements and won’t disillusion you.